Ukraine: «Zakhyst Pratsy» («Labor defence») indicates multiple violations of labor rights of workers!

On February 20, 2019 Oleg Vernyk, Chairman of the All-Ukrainian Independent Trade Union «Zakhyst Pratsy» («Labor defence»), took part in a meeting of the Working Group-4 of the Ukrainian side of the Ukraine-EU Civil Society Platform, where a discussion of the Report on the violation of trade union and labor rights in Ukraine was held.

During the stormy discussion and discussion of the proposals of its participants, the representative of «Zakhyst Pratsy» was able to update the following problems of the modern trade union movement to include them in the latest version. Reports:

  1. Violation of the rights of newly created trade unions to join existing collective agreements in enterprises and to participate in the process of adopting new collective agreements.
  2. The impossibility of the legal organizing of the strikes in Ukraine through the existing legislative regulation, which actually makes it impossible to conduct them.
  3. Strengthening the rough practice of employer’s civil lawsuits against trade unions in order to prohibit trade unions from using in their names the name of the enterprise where they are created.
  4. Strengthening by the judiciary the practice of gross disregard for the current labor legislation of Ukraine in the field of guarantees to members of elected trade union bodies from dismissal and the imposition by employers of other disciplinary penalties.

We inform that the work of WG-4 on the final version of the document should end within a few days.

Press service All-Ukrainian Independent Trade Union «Zakhyst Pratsy»