More than 100 members of the independent trade union “ZAKHYST PRATSI” («Defense of Labour») and workers’ trade unions from different industrial plants held on a demonstration devoted to solidarity and struggle for the working class (employees) rights. Among them were regional representatives from The Southern engeneering plant, Dnipropetrovsk metallurgical plant of Petrovskiy, Dnipropetrovsk tube-rolling plant “Interpaip”, private research-and-production enterprise “Dnepropress” and the utility enterprise “Dneproelectrotransport”. Their demonstration had a great success.

Despite big pressure, made on the organizers and the atmosphere of fear, the column of demonstrators held on the square near “Raketa” park. They marched along the city streets towards the city and the regional administrations where meetings took place. The participants of the action had trade union, national, red and black flags in their hands. In not a standard form they left a big resolution, which had the length 3 on 3 meters. During the march, the activists advanced different slogans, such as: “Oligarchs must be removed from power”, “More rights for workers to improve our life”, “Where our salary”, “No to the slavery labour codex”, “Yes to workers struggle, no – to capitalism”, “Gang must go away from Verchovna Rada”, “Freedom for working class” and other.

Among the representatives several people made speeches. Alexei Simvolkov, Andrii Ishchenko, Igor Parhomenko, Andrii But and Eugene Derkach in their emochional speeches steered the masses to make more active protests against the slavery labour codex which oligarchy wanted to adopt in parliament in its interests, to continue working struggle and solidarity among the working class. They also proposed to expand the work of the independent trade unions.

As the result of the 1st of May in Dnepropetrovsk we can make a conclusion that actions of independent trade unions and anti-oligarh protests unite people with different views.